Dynaflux 23rd Anniversary

Dynaflux celebrates 23 years of supplying chemical dosing and handling solutions for the mining and industrial markets. We also continue to improve to adapt to the new needs of the Industry. Therefore, we want to take the opportunity to publicize our most important achievements:

Successful implementation of our processes throughout our value chain, guaranteeing quality in each service and product provided.

We are in the last stage of our project of Implementation of the Tri international standard ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO45001, which will become our work philosophy at all levels of our organization. Incorporation of TFT Fluids and GN Solids as new commercial allies of worldwide recognition, to serve our most important clients in the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Industries in general, adapting and complying with the highest standards required.

10 years have passed since the implementation of our ERP SAP. We have consolidated our Research and Development Area, which seeks to continue delivering the added value that our clients need under the following 5 pillars: Operational cost reduction (OPEX), Investment cost reduction (CAPEX), Ergonomic Systems, Automatic systems, and Environmental care. DYNAFLUX is characterized by its constant internal improvement to meet the new needs of our clients and that of all our collaborators. As a result, we have managed to position ourselves as a leading company providing Handling, Preparation, Pumping, and Reagent Dosing solutions through innovative technology products of the most demanding quality. Learn more about us by clicking here or contact a specialist here.