Launch of the new M1500 BLACK Line OBL

The new M1500 Dosing Pump was launched in September 2020, offering flow rates up to 1500 LPH and pressures of 5 Bar. It has a long-lasting preformed diaphragm and is compatible with the Pro series electronic control unit. This is the new OBL diaphragm metering pump that will increase the performance of the current M Series (1). The M1500 was launched for sale in July 2020 and with deliveries beginning in September 2020, thus fulfilling its projection of meeting the needs of our customers with a reliable and higher flow pump. In addition to the benefits that the M Series has accustomed us to, the M1500 offers us:

  • Flow up to 1500 liters/hour.
  • Operating pressure up to 5 bar.
  • Reduced footprint, allowing it to be installed in applications with limited spaces.
  • Long-lasting preformed diaphragm.
  • Full compatibility with Black Line PRO series controllers (2)
      • OBL – SERIES M.
      • OBL – Black Line PRO.
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