Mining is one of the pillars of the world economy and, of course, of Peru. This one focuses on the responsible extraction of minerals such as copper, gold, and silver until their processing, which should ensure good relations with their communities and stakeholders in general. Likewise, it must comply with quality, safety, and environmental standards. Mining operations begin with crushing the ore into an ingot, cathode, or concentrated state. In this processing equipment and supplies managed by qualified personnel who seek profitability and continuous improvement are used.

Dynaflux is present throughout the mineral processing value chain, applying our solutions efficiently, safely (ergonomically) and with responsibility for the environment. In addition, the reduction of the Investment Cost (Capex) and Operating Cost (Opex) is obtained as an added value, so that we contribute to the responsible sustainability of this sector. With these benefits for our clients, we can execute and/or improve production processes and remediation of environmental liabilities in the treatment of acidic or domestic water, pumping of pulps, as well as providing solutions for the handling, preparation, and dosage of mining reagents.



  • Pulp pumping towards the cyclone nest.
  • Milk of lime dosage.


  • Handling, preparation, and dosage of milk of lime and flocculants.
  • Dosing of modifiers, collectors, foaming agents, depressants, and other
  • Reagent dosing with electrical tracing.
  • Transfer of reagents from tank tanks to dosing tanks.

Concentrate thickeners:

  • Systems for handling, preparing, and dosing reagents such as flocculant.
  • Systems for handling, preparing, and dosing filter aids.
  • Pulp pumping system for filtration.

Water treatment:

  • Industrial effluent treatment plants.
  • Compact domestic wastewater treatment plants MBBR.


  • Boiler blowdown automation systems, cooling towers, and chemical dosing.
  • Chlorination and disinfection.
  • Transfer of drums, tanks, and IBC for warehouses.

Tailings thickeners:

  • Handling, preparation, and dosage of flocculant.
  • Pumping of concentrated tailings.
  • Turbidity control.
  • Overflow pH regulation.
  • Dosage of defoamers.
  • Tailings water treatment and mineral recovery.

Mine water treatment:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Comprehensive solutions for water and effluent treatment.
  • Preparation and dosage of milk of lime.
  • Flocculant preparation and dosing systems.
  • Neutralization and chlorination system.
  • Controllers and analytical sensors with internet connection option.
  • Turbidity sensors.
  • Sludge pumping.
  • Mine water treatment by ceramic filtration.

Truck Shop:

  • Oil and water separation systems.
  • Pneumatic pumps for oils and fats.


  • Storage, pumping, and dosing of sulfuric acid and lime.
  • Storage, pumping, and dosing of sodium cyanide.
  • Barren Solution Pumps.
  • PLS pumping.

Practical Examples

Installation of peristaltic pump ALH100 for feeding filter press - Andimetal

Supply of engineering, equipment, installation, commissioning and start-up of Albin peristaltic pump for pumping cyanide pulp to filter press, equipped with rupture detector and panel with variator. Installed at 2500 meters above sea level and in a corrosive environment.

Piston dosing pumps for flotation reagents - Compañía Minera Antamina

Selection and supply of piston dosing pumps with their respective accessories to ensure the reliability of the process and flow regulation such as: pulsation dampers, relief valves and back pressure valves. 28 pumps were purchased for the original project and 22 additional pumps for the expansion.

Lime slurry storage and preparation plant at 4800 masl - Minera Buenaventura

Composed of a pneumatic system for unloading the cylinder into a 150 Tn silo, Slaker type lime slaker, post-dilution tank, peristaltic transfer pumps, which distributes to the entire 550 flotation area. It operates with an automatic control system temperature to optimize shutdown and save on lime consumption.

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Walchem seminar 2019

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Nuevo socio estratégico TFT Fluids

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