New strategic partner TFT Fluids

The important world brand TFT FLUIDS becomes our new strategic ally in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration processes. It will allow Dynaflux to offer innovative solutions in the main industries such as mining, water treatments, foods, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, among others. Thanks to the signing of this strategic alliance with Nanjing Tangent Fluid Technology (TFT). Dynaflux has positioned itself as the only company in Peru capable of offering an innovative solution in filtration and separation. It is for processes in the food and beverage, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and effluent treatment industries. Tangent Fluid Technology is an experienced manufacturer of ceramic membrane solutions for micro, ultra, and nanofiltration; in turn, it has a professional technical team with qualified experience of more than 20 years and hundreds of successful references worldwide with its membrane technology, which it makes available to the Peruvian industry through Dynaflux. Thanks to this, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology through pilots, ensuring the success of our clients’ investment and helping Peruvian companies to be more competitive, improving their industrial processes, reducing costs, and environmental remediation operations. Get to know our applications related to this note by clicking here.