World leader in the peristaltic pump market, it has a simple operating principle, simple maintenance, and low cost. Available in more than 20 different sizes, allowing them to cover flow rates up to 150 cubic meters/hour and double it in special two-head applications. The different hose materials allow you to pump almost any type of fluids: acids, alkalis, sludge, viscous, with suspended solids or their combinations.


  • Flow rates up to 200 m3/h and discharge pressures up to 15 bar
  • Really low maintenance costs
  • Ability to pump fluids with solids up to 20% of the internal diameter of the hose
  • Self-priming up to 9.8 m
  • The reversible operation, allowing you to rotate in both directions

ALH Series

High-pressure series (up to 15 bar), with a simple operating principle: two shoes mounted 180 ° on a wheel that compresses a hose inside a hermetically sealed and lubricated housing. It can run dry indefinitely and is self-priming up to a height of 9.8 meters. It is available in 13 sizes and with flow settings.

Benefits: Flow rates up to 150 m3/h, with six hose materials available. It is configurable up to 2 heads with the same motor, which doubles the flow; It is also configurable with a hose rupture sensor.

ALP Series

Low pressure range (up to 4 bar), two or three rollers mounted on a wheel that compress a hose within a housing. The most cost-effective pump of its kind due to easy maintenance. It has the capacity to work dry indefinitely and is self-priming up to a height of 9 meters. Available in 6 sizes and with adjustable flow.

Benefits: Flow rates up to 10 m3 / h, with eight hose materials available. The rollers do not require lubrication for contact with the hose. Motors can be installed vertically to save space.

ALX150 Series

The ALX150 is the world’s highest flow peristaltic pump. It combines two key benefits: slow and precise rotational speed for a given flow rate, and gently compression rotating rollers, which allows a considerable increase in hose life and reduces energy consumption.

With a displacement of 90 liters per revolution, it can achieve flow rates of up to 200 m3 per hour.



  • WWTP sludge
  • Highly abrasive slurries
  • Mining tailings
  • Concentrate pulp
  • Food pulps
  • Pulps for filter presses, among others
  •  Flocculants and polymers
  • Antimony tartrate
  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Copper sulfate, and others
  • NaSH
  • whitewash

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The CAP System – Automatic Purge Control for Boilers

In the vast majority of industries, various processes can be found that require heat transfer and the most efficient way to do this is through water vapor, which is produced by Boilers (Water-tube or Fire-tube Type) or steam generators.


Walchem seminar 2019

The 7th International Seminar for Latin American WALCHEM/IWAKI AMERICA distributors was held. From September 25 to 27, 2019 in Miami – Florida (USA).

Nuevo socio estratégico TFT Fluids

New strategic partner TFT Fluids

The important world brand TFT FLUIDS becomes our new strategic ally in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration processes. It will allow Dynaflux to offer innovative solutions in the main industries such as mining, water treatments, foods, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, among others.

Lanzamiento del nuevo M1500 BLACK Line OBL

Launch of the new M1500 BLACK Line OBL

The new M1500 Dosing Pump was launched in September 2020, offering flow rates up to 1500 LPH and pressures of 5 Bar. It has a long-lasting preformed diaphragm and is compatible with the Pro series electronic control unit.

Aniversario 23º Dynaflux

Dynaflux 23rd Anniversary

Dynaflux celebrates 23 years of supplying chemical dosing and handling solutions for the mining and industrial markets. We also continue to improve to adapt to the new needs of the Industry. Therefore, we want to take the opportunity to publicize our most important achievements:

Skids de dosificación – REPSOL

Dosing Skids

Supply, installation, and commissioning of dosing skids for corrosion inhibitors in UDPI, UDPII, and UDVI areas. Skid was designed and manufactured for the automatic dosing of corrosion inhibitors from SUEZ WATER TECHNOLOGIES. Used for oil refining in the areas of Primary Distillation Unit I, Primary Distillation Unit II, and Vacuum Distillation Unit I.