Walchem seminar 2019

The 7th International Seminar for Latin American WALCHEM/IWAKI AMERICA distributors was held. From September 25 to 27, 2019 in Miami – Florida (USA). Our Product Manager, together with our General Manager, Eng. Carlos Chinga, were present at the great international event that brings together Walchem’s Latin American Distributors in Miami – Florida (USA). At this event, Dynaflux shared and assimilated the latest technological trends in process control and chemical reagent dosing.

They take full advantage of the functionality of the IWAKI WALCHEM range of controllers, sensors, and dosing pumps. At this event, the new Walchem Fluent ™ management software was announced, which maximizes the functionality of the W600 and W900 controllers. Thus, allowing our clients to access valuable information on their processes from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The new turbidity and dissolved oxygen sensors for applications in any water treatment were also announced. We thank IWAKI WALCHEM for the invitation, this will help us to strengthen and contribute to position ourselves as the leading company in Peru for chemical dosing and controlled processes. Links related to this note: WALCHEM Dosing Pumps, IWAKI AIR Pneumatic Pumps, pH Neutralization Application, Chlorination Systems, Cooling Tower Automation, and Boiler Automation.